A different language is a different vision of life. (Federico Fellini)

We are a married couple, each with a different mother tongue.
Dave is an Englishman by birth, but has lived in the Netherlands for more than nearly three decades. He is an actor and translator from Dutch to English. This is a useful combination, because he often has to translate texts for diverse audio-visual productions into English and subsequently record them. He also edits, corrects and copywrites texts.

Wiebrig is Dutch and specialises in writing texts in various forms for a variety of purposes. She writes articles, makes summaries, edits, corrects and translates from English to Dutch. She combines her writing skills with the graphic design of (digital) newsletters, publications and websites. Furthermore, she creates puzzles, mainly brainteasers, which require logical thinking.

What we have in common is that we both love language and pool our resources to bring language to life. Working together means we can provide high-quality texts for an affordable price.


About us